ZSD23 (sophia_dione) wrote,

The Seal of Secrets of the World Adventures in Astral Magic

Arbatel pic
The Seal of Secrets of the World is a diagram described in a medieval magical book called the Arbatel. The Arbatel is a treatise on how to live in harmony, ease, and intimacy with the energies of the Multiverse. Behind the Christian piety is a more ancient, Pythagoric and Neoplatonic spiritual paradigm that views the world as a multilayered place full of spiritual beings: some elemental, some celestial, some angelic, and some demi-godlike, archonic, or patriarchal. In the spring and summer of 2010, the author, Soror ZSD23, in the context of solitary and group workings, explored the content of the Arbatel and evoked the so-called Olympic Spirits described in the text. The Seal of Secrets of the World Adventures in Astral Magic notes the author’s experiences and insights in working with the Arbatel, provides guidance on practicing and simplifying evocation magic and provides links to important related texts. The book also includes auxiliary essays related to her studies in magic and mysticism, such as discussion on meditation, the holy guardian angel, and the Azoth.
Available in Kindle format.
Tags: aratron, arbatel, astral magic, bethor, evocation, hagith, lunar mansions, mansions of the moon, och, olympic spirits, ophiel, phaleg, phul, seal of secrets
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