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Arbatel Working - Extended Notes-Phalec-Mars-Tuesday

I am continuing with my extended notes of my Arbatel Working.



Mars/Phalec: “Have a single focus and drive it through.” ~ Minerva-Heka-Brigit
An intention must be decisive and unmixed and then directed like a fiery spear or arrow into the heart of its target. In addition, one should cultivate the idea of expressing bright light with the aim of blinding and conquering with it. phalec


I worked with Phalec every Tuesday from March 23 to April 13. The incense was made of allspice, ginger, cinnamon, lavender, anise seed, vetiver, amber, and dragon’s blood. It was smoky but burned better when put on a mica plate instead of directly on charcoal.

 My first impressions were of cold, steely dark forms. They weren’t frightening but, rather, very matter of fact: steeliness and pure focused action. Images of spears and spear-like weapons arose in my mind. The image of a man in full armor, with a helmet completely covering his face, became very prominent. His character was very steely, unemotional. I felt him very close early on and in a sly, no-nonsense voice he said, “So, tell me what you want.” I didn’t know how or whether to reply. There was the idea that I should know what I wanted and that I didn’t reflected poorly on me.

 The overall feeling of the entity was non-reflective, purely motivational, focused energy toward a target. It was pure motive and direct action toward it—so reasoning or congenial communication wasn’t appropriate. I recalled ideas about Hades—a deity who I read was rarely ritually addressed in Athenian culture because he was expected not to care about what you had to say.

 Then I suddenly felt myself as the Roman Goddess Minerva. I felt myself in armor and carrying a spear-like weapon. It was very strong imagery and I would either feel her as me or visualize her near me. I also was getting a strong tingly sensation on the left upper and back of my skull. She said, “Invoke me in this sign!” Images of her connection to Jupiter, her with an eagle, and a spear. The idea of intense righteousness.

 I kept visualizing her crouching near me and emphatically showing me a spear and telling me to take it.

 She told me to “have a single focus and drive it through” as if it were a weapon. The word Heka came to me. Heka is the power or efficacy of magic, daughter of the Egyptian Godhead Re. The teaching came that a spell or intention is like weapon cast into a clearly defined target. It should be thought of as a spear or arrow penetrating the target.   Then I had visions of how to meditate on light and the message came “Focus on expressing light and blind and conquer them with it.”

 Shortly after midnight of the second Tuesday that I was to sit with Phalec, I woke up with the sigil of Ophiel (Mercury) in my mind and message that all this was of “Akkadian” (ie, Babylonian) origin. When I awoke, I was still thinking about Ophiel as if it were Wednesday although it was Tuesday. I suppose I should’ve heeded the call and addressed Ophiel. Circumstances were such that I had to spend that Tuesday night in the home of a relative. Although I tried connecting with Ophiel the following morning while at the relative’s home, nothing came through. 

 In any case, on that Tuesday, I was met with images of a helmet and a vertical spear. I wondered if the imagery was a metaphor for the spine and brain.  I then found myself reflecting on Minerva and Brigid and reflected on Brigid’s name, which means fiery arrow. I also found myself being berated for being wavering and indecisive in my intentions.

 A long, early morning trip related to a job interview got in the way of performing this meditation during the third week. During the fourth and final week, I engaged in scrying using a bluish crystal orb.

 At first, I made out the image of a bald man sitting and facing my left. The man then looked very young, like a bald-headed child.

 Imagery then appeared that related to the Chariot Tarot card of the Tarot. A series of further images suggested content about Jupiter/Zeus. Then an image that seemed like a Siamese twin appeared, reminding me of Janus. Other relevant images related to Jupiter continued to appear and then very distinctly, the eye and beak of an owl—Minerva’s totem animal—emerged in the patterns of the orb. I was very moved by this. The eye then became somewhat feminine and Egyptian and then like another feminine Caucasian kind of eye. It became a bird head like a peahen that transformed into the form of Ra or Horus with a falcon head a hand near the mouth.

 I put the orb aside, closed my eyes, and addressed Minerva. I heard the word “heka” again. I remembered what I had been told the day before while working with Phul. I meditated, focusing on the attitude of Phalec, which is resolute, strong, unyielding determination.

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