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Arbatel Working-Ophiel-Mercury-Wednesday

This continues the extended notes on my Arbatel Working.  Much thanks for the interest among bloggers interested in the Arbatel and Planetary Magic, et al.  I think my settings allow for comments from all.    23   Hey. Going on a job interview today. May my needs be met.


Mercury/Ophiel: “What do you want to know?” ~ Thoth
Observation and careful listening are key to persuade and confound if necessary to accomplish an intention. Single-minded focus, poise, and integration.

I worked with Ophiel on Wednesday mornings from March 24, 2010 to April 14, 2010. The incense admittedly had way too much stuff in it. It was smoky but reasonably fragrant when burned using a mica plate. It consisted of juniper powder, myrrh resin, rosemary, eucalyptus leaves, patchouli, a bit of mugwort, and a bit of pine resin, musk seeds, a little bit of desert sage in it and a bit of honey.

 As soon as I sat down I recalled the name Hermes. I felt already very deep in meditation and, in fact, felt “spacey” as if I wanted to be in very deep meditation without even breathing. It was a little alarming, and I wondered whether there was something sedating or intoxicating in the incense mix. I got into deep, still meditation immediately. At the same time, a cadre of leaf blowers reved up outside. So I was meditating in roaring noise. When it subsided, the fire alarm from the building across the way began to sound. These noises—the leaf blowers and the fire alarm resounded each in turn during my meditation. I was aware but not perturbed by the sounds. I also was aware of the wind, which was blustery that day, and many other external sounds. I also was very aware of my pulse and how it subtlety rocked my body. All this and seemingly no materialization of Ophiel or any mental impressions. I took my whole experience to be the manifestation. It was simply awareness and observation.

 The noises subsided. Then I received the impression of a tall, very thin, dark figure of a man. The name Thoth struck my mind, as if the figure were introducing himself as such. The image took on the form of an attractive albino man in a black suit. “What do you want to know?” he asked me in a sly but much more interested and compassionate tone than the armored Phalec character did the day before.

 The energy of this spirit was one of self-interested persuasion—that is, how to be a good observer to persuade and even undermine other people to accomplish one’s own intention. How to twist things to one’s own advantage through mental guile and more astute conscious attention. –Something I miserably fail at, though. He seemed contented with me, though. Happy, as if we were very familiar, warm, and partners in mischief.

 He showed me a staff and said that the staff is not like the spear that I got teaching about the day before. It is for establishing not hurling or striking and was like a line of concentrated focus that pierces or carves out will in space. The reflect on the idea that the path of the secret fire  (shushumna) is like this—the spine—a rod through which consciousness is to be concentrated and direction in a single-focused line.

 He was equated with the magician card.

 I asked for a gift. The image of a lotus with a black jewel in the center appeared in my mind’s eye. It was placed “in” my head at the brow. I then vividly saw an image of the lotus on water with a white candle in the center and understood the imagery to represent all the elements and the self and its integration and aspiration from form to light and space.

 When this imagery resolved, the noise started up loudly again but I sat for a while in deep, imageless meditation.

 Now, frankly, I had not heretofore given a lot of thought to Thoth or many ancient Egyptian deities (or Minerva) for that matter. So, the images I received during these meditations sent me on Google quests to glean some cursory knowledge about what I was accessing.

 In brief: Thoth is the god of wisdom, intelligence, and the master of “heka”; that is, magic. He is equated with the Logos and Divine Mind (Nous) and his consort or feminine aspect was Divine Order/Truth, in the form of Ma’at in the early dynastic periods and Wisdom in the form of Seshat in the later dynastic periods.

 I was not able to connect with Ophiel during the second Wednesday of this Working although I attempted it. Further, this particular Intelligence was not interested in keeping within the framework of its designated day; it tended to wake me at night and also inveigle itself into the meditation time of the other Intelligences.

  The mediation during the third week was again marked by noisiness. Again, I sat in impressionless meditation until a jocular presence emerged: tall, thin, suave, white haired. I felt it through me and it is a very familiar presence and signature. It is a presence that became a kind of strength for me when I was involved in writing projects over the years. It tells me it is a character of persuasiveness, command, and healing. It reminds me of the sigil I made for it some years ago. 

 It told me to regard it as a protector and servitor and attached itself to my selenite wand/sword, which, heretofore, had been neglected and kept on at table that it recently fell from, breaking in two.

 On the eve of the last Wednesday in which I did this Working, I was awakened at night with the word “Ibis” repeating in my head, but when I sat for meditation in the morning, I got little in the way of impressions except perhaps the feeling that I should be writing. I was too vexed about my job situation to be focused on creative writing, but I keep feeling called back to look over the material—a trilogy—I began back in 2005.

 I placed the Hagith and Ophiel sigils before me and gazed into the scrying orb and found it difficult to get my mind in the right place. I first saw a pentagram with a dagger or sword superimposed on it. Then what looked like a robed king and queen facing and inclining toward each other. The image took on the form of an ibis facing my right and an elephant head facing my left. Then the image became a pregnant woman and a man and woman again. Then I envisioned a lion and then the ibis returned and stayed that way. It was a full, distinct image of an ibis in the orb. It was facing my right, with the beak curving around the right side of the orb. The ibis is a symbol of Thoth. I believe Ma’at was associated with the lion. Elephants are symbols of good fortune, lions of force and strength. But I wasn’t much moved by the images and was a bit impatient because I was feeling rather stuck about my life in relation to employment-seeking endeavors.

 LOL. As I write this—on a Saturday evening—an email arrives from the HR director of a company I desperately sent a cold-call resume to yesterday. She says they are looking for writers and gives me days and times to choose from to pop in for an interview . . . Thank you . . .

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