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Arbatel Working-Extended Notes-Besher-Jupiter-Thursday

Continuing with the Arbatel notes: 


Jupiter/Besher: “What do you want to happen?” ~ Logos-Tetractys

For manifestation to occur, the infinite potential must be funneled into a point of definition and function.

 I worked with Bethor on Thursday mornings from March 25, 2010 to April 15, 2010. Working with this Intelligence became a bit involved and included lots of allusions and geometric forms. I had incense with a benzoin and rose base already made and added more benzoin and eleni to it. (Benzoin is a scent sacred to the Roman deity Jupiter.)

 The first impression was of muscles and sheer commanding strength. From here, I reflected on Dione, feeling simply royal, strong, and poised. Dione means “goddess” and etymologically is the feminine equivalent of Zeus (Dyaus, Deus, “celestial,” “of light”). She was regarded as the feminine aspect of Zeus. She does not have her own mythology but is thought to represent the Magna Mater, being equated with Gaia and Rhea. She is said to be the mother of Aphrodite through union with Zeus. 

 Both Brhaspati and Janus came to mind as well as a jolly, expansive, almost manic image of the Currier and Ives old St. Nick painting. With that came impressions of expansiveness and inclusiveness, joy. But that quickly shifted again to a more stern, commanding feeling. Something that is overarching. Words  emerged to the effect of commanding the seas and the rain. Commanding of function. Reference to the ajna chakra.

 The word “Tetractys” came to me, and I had a visualization of a triangle and also of the hour glass triangle form. The message was that I should explore the meaning.

 Then I thought “Jupiter” and got into a very concentrated meditation in which I felt luminous and extended. I sat for a time in feelings of reassurance, love, and tenderness by something that was very powerful and masculine.

 I set about looking into the significance of Tetractys—a key concept in Pythagorean mysticism. I found that it symbolizes perfection and structure along the same lines as the Golden Mean. The musical, arithmetic, and geometric ratios that form the universe. 

  • The point at the apex signifies the divine source--the hypostasis. It is associated with the virtue of wisdom
  •  The two points of the second row of the Tetractys denote the duality and the play of complementary forces. It is associated with Strife, which is associated with the virtues of movement and impulse, which, in turn, are associated with courage and strength.
  •  Third row of 3 connecting points represents Harmony, which is said to be the union of beauty (order in design) and mental poise.  
  •  The four points in the fourth row represent the 4 humors/elements: earth, air, fire and water from which the material universe comes into being.

 Pythagorean prayer to the Tetractys:

 “Bless us, divine number, thou who generated gods and men! O holy, holy Tetractys, thou that containest the root and source of the eternally flowing creation! For the divine number begins with the profound, pure unity until it comes to the holy four; then it begets the mother of all, the all-comprising, all-bounding, the first-born, the never-swerving, the never-tiring holy ten, the keyholder of all.”

 An informative article found in my cursory search was the The Ancient Creation Stories told by the Numbers by H. Peter Aleff at http://www.recoveredscience.com/const129holynumberdiagrams.htm.

 In addition to Tetractys, I looked up notes on Brhaspati (Vedic Jupiter) and Janus, a Roman deity associated with Jupiter. Brhaspati is considered to be the guru of the gods, noted for wisdom. The Wikipedia entry says that Brhaspati is also associated with Ganapati but this is not referenced and I did not come upon this in my own studies of Hinduism, although my focus primarily was Vedanta philosophy.  Janus,  like Ganapati, is a guardian of boundaries and doorways. Janus was often worshipped in conjunction with Jupiter in Roman religion.

 I was in an uncharacteristically awful and weary mood during the second week of the Working.

After having a struggling start at meditation on that day, I began to see geometric forms as a continuation of the prior week’s Tetractys communication. I saw a pyramid/tetrahedron shape that then turned horizontal to become funnel shaped. Also, I had impressions about the point expanding into limitless space.


  I was addressed with the words “What do you want to happen?” And there was a sense of there being a carry-over from the day before about being decisive and focused. I reflected on Brihaspati (Hindu Jupiter) and the “Immensity” or “Immense Being” (Brahman). Everything and Nothing happens in that vast immensity. Rather than focusing on the Expansive quality of this Intelligence, I was instructed to narrow the focus to one-pointed intention. Hearkening to the previous day’s meditation, I was told to imagine my intention like a flaming arrow that is shot through the funnel to a single-pointed target. The target is like a picture or projection gleaned from the immensity of potentiality where everything is happening all at once. This made me remember something I had written down some weeks ago when I was meditating on Jupiter and working with a sigil related to the myth of Jupiter and Danae. It now sounds like New Age fluffer-nutter that has yet to work for me despite having tried to apply it: 

 “It is not about asking for something to happen; it is knowing that it is happening and realizing the benefit of it. It is already happening.”

 During the third Thursday of this Working, the Intelligence resembled a guide who would show up in my early Magi Group Inner/Astral Plane work. (The Magi Group, now disbanded, was a small lodge that focused on the work of Dione Fortune, Gareth Knight, and Coleston Brown.) This guide resembles a 30-something Jimmy Page and a fellow I knew in college who I came to profoundly regret having lost touch with. The friend and the guide had a kind of calm, phlegmatic, easy-going, and protective personality. (He began to appear in my Magi Group astral plane exercises in lieu of a wizened Pan-like entity that first used to appear to me. The creature was congenial although unnerving to me and introduced himself as “Saturn.” And note that these images emerged before I knew much about the famed Zeppelin guitarist/occultist.)

 I kept envisioning the Tetractys with the idea that I was to fully understand it before expecting to get more information from this Intelligence. The term “Builders of the Adytum” was “heard.” Now, I had heard of BOTA but had never explored what they were about: the mysteries of the Hermetic Cabala, which is tied in with Pythagorean and Neoplatonic mysticism.  

 I was again asked to contemplate what I want to happen and be decisive about it. I began to contemplate the Tetractys as a metaphor for the manifestation of an intention—bringing something from thought through emanation into form. Again, geometric forms presented themselves to me. I was visualizing how the center point of the Tetractys rays outward into a hexagram like a spoked wheel --"six-rayed star" and how it also forms a multidimenstional hexagram.  I look it up and see it is called the Merkaba Star—a double tetrahedron symbolizing the integration of body and spirit. I focus on  the unicursal hexagram in it. The image looks like a goddess energy signature to me. Haven't gotten much into number magic or Western yantric forms. Comments welcome.


I had an interview later that day that resulted in my being disqualified from a month-long interviewing process with a particular company. I had continually been told that I was the front-runner and that a job offer was probably imminent. The interviewer, who was a principal in the company and who cajoled and responded to my every word with “excellent answer,” went back to tell the recruiter that he didn’t like the way I talked. I was unfocused, he said. Ironic considering the content of my meditations over the past few weeks. I descended into a particularly miserable mood for days after that.

 During the last Thursday, I initially sat restlessly, worriedly, feeling alone and abandoned and having no impressions. Then something shifted. I felt like I should just release. Give up. I envisioned Jupiter before me. He seemed to be in a kind disposition. I then felt a bit suspended in spaciousness and presence—a kind of expansiveness. Spread out in presence. While doing this, 2 doves landed on my balcony. I took it as a good sign.


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