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Arbatel Working Extended Notes-Hagith-Venus-Friday

Continuing right along



Venus/Hagith: “I am the Cosmos and Beauty of Being.” ~ The Divine Mother

That which is tender, loving, giving, and enveloping. A refreshing and purifying principle that should be meditated on and invoked for these purposes.


 I worked with Hagith on Fridays from March 26 to April 16. I had incense with a benzoin and rose base already made and added more rose and patchouli and amber to it. It was perfumey and pleasant-smelling.

 I was not in a good mood when I sat for this, having let a triviality disturb me the night before. At first, I contemplated Netzach to Tiphareth and Svadithana and Anahata. I also recollected ideas about Italian fairies, as with my Phul meditations.

 I began to receive impressions of the goddess as a great motherly protector and felt expression of light through the hands and chest. Grace, Blessing, Beneficence, Grand Giving. It differed from the Jupiterian Intellience, which also had a sense of “giving” marked by manic joviality.  The Hagith signature was more tender, loving, giving, and embracing. The Jovian giving was more self-interested (giving because it gives self pleasure. This Venusian giving was pure tender sentiment). I got an image of the statue of Diana of Ephesus—which I saw at a museum in Rome years ago. 

 The words came: “I am the Cosmos and Beauty of Being.” I also had an image of the hour-glass symbol. –The hexagram of the water element.

 I imagined Venus before me and Jupiter behind me. The mantra Klim came to mind—the mantra of Vishnu and seed syllable of desire—the Eros and sustaining power of life. Zoe, Zos, Zas. 

 I asked about the issue that had irritated me the night before. I just sat with it and tried to face it. It was related to the communication I would get through Phul 2 weeks later about working through an obstruction. I went through a bit of intense imagery and what is known in esoteric yoga as kriya (spontaneous movement while in meditation. Glossolalia is a form of kriya.) while wrangling with this. Then I received a practice—similar to a Vajrasattva practice, in fact, in which I was to imagine clear greenish water flushing through me. Imaging this over and again as well as the flooding of the self with warm lime greenish light. 

 From there, I received imagery that was Christian-like—the descent of the dove, the equating of Venus with Sophia, Isis and the great protector and mother, Nuit. The word Frida or Freya also came to me.--And the Virgin Mary, all ideas of feminine light and beneficence.

 I expected to get imagery that was erotic when I began this or some impression having to do with sexuality but there was none of that really. Only the message of motherly love and beauty.

 I looked up Diana of Ephesus to learn that she was related to Cybele, the Magna Mater.

 An inscription at Ephesus dated to the 3rd century BC, relates her to Apollo and Hekate:

 “To the Healer of diseases, to Apollo, Giver of Light to mortals, Eutyches has set up in votive offering [a statue of] the Cretan Lady of Ephesus, the Light-Bearer.”

 Cybele was worshipped throughout the ancient world, dating back to the 10th century BC. Her epithets include “The Mother of the Gods, the Savior who Hears our Prayers” and “The Mother of the Gods, the Accessible One.” Her worship was associated with ecstatic excess and blood sacrifice. I suspect that Durga and such Indian goddesses are her cognates. (“Durga” name means “difficult,” but the name is translated to mean “She who removes difficulties” and “She Who is Accessible”.) The author of Revelations was likely referring to Cybele when he mentions the “harlot riding the beast.”

 During the second Friday of this Working, I, again, initially had images of a fairy-like woman—lithe, young, clad in white, similar to my Luna meditations. I began to hear the names and reflect on goddesses such as Ma’at, Venus, Isis, Dione, and again sat for a bit in the sensation of all-embracing maternal goddess love. I had an impression of the horned sun disc, recollection of the goddess as the secret fire—the pathway from soul to spirit. I also was getting an image of the Ophiel sigil and the entity introducing himself as Thoth, as if this Thoth was the communicator. He seemed to want me to look into or include recollection of Ma’at in Hagith meditations. 

 The third Friday was particularly difficult, as I had apparently created a bad impression during a phone interview the day before. It was the culmination of a month-long series of interviews with a particular company. I will not digress on the details or ensuing incidents that compounded my grief except to say that, for the next few days, I was filled with anger, humiliation, self-loathing, and doom, and intense contemplation of difficult childhood memories.

 When I sat to meditate, I kept thinking it was Saturday and even mistakenly lit the incense that I had made for Saturday. So I sat with the sigils for Friday and Saturday (Hagith and Aratron). These are like the Great Mother and Great Father of this Working for me. First, I sat in contemplation of Saturn/Aratron. I think I was focused on the desire for a protective father while obsessing about my situation. I got the message that I was in an intense transition—intense transition and tearing apart to resurface as something inside out. The Black Sun.

 Then I felt the Hagith current emerge and felt myself as a calm, motherly entity. The message was that I had to assume that persona to deal with people, but I felt anything but that toward people as the day wore on.  Although I attempted it, I could not make any contact with this Intelligence during the last Friday of the working.


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