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Arbatel Working~Extended Notes~Aratron~Saturn~Saturday

And continuing . . .


Saturn/Aratron: “He who is the Intelligible Principle in Whom All Things Rest.” ~ Kronos-Shiva-Tetragrammaton
That which is the protection and affection of a very large, mighty, thoughtful, possessive, and righteous being. The Monster of Time and Space, which is God. Manifestation, personhood, and personal power are predicated on concentrating time and space into boundaries and form.

 I worked with Aratron on Saturdays from March 27 to April 17. Because I associate Saturn with Shiva, I used incense that I made for Maha Shiva Ratri, which has a sandalwood, cinnamon, and rose base.

 As soon as I focused on the sigil, I internally heard, “It’s Saturday!” as if chastised into paying attention. I immediately got the impression of a mighty, dark, impelling, muscular, masculine, mature, bearded being. It resembled Michelangelo’s fresco of God touching Adam. It was very overreaching and strong but different from the Jupiter character in that it was more serious and imbued with thoughtfulness and elements of control, command, and order. It was very strong but not exactly cold or stern. Protective in a patriarchal way. 

 I associated it with the root and crown chakra—being the root to the crown—the depths to the heights. The Babylonian/Akkadian deity Ea came to mind, who is associated with this idea. The sheltering sky, the bringer of culture and order to humankind (like Saturn of Roman Golden Age lore).

 I reflected on Pan, Cosmos, Earth, Order, and Boundaries. Mother from the word for Measure in Proto-Indic language. At a certain point when the image of the strong, mature bearded man dominated again, I was thrust into a memory of a being sexually accosted about 10 years ago. I thought of similar episodes I had in my younger days.  I reflected on the loss of boundaries and what it feels like to have boundaries invaded. 



I received the image of a bell as the object representing Saturn energy because it is equated with form and space. I also saw a diagram like the hourglass but with a line instead of a point at the center—or also simply 2 squares on top of each other—symbolizing space and boundaries.

 The central line represents Time. The other lines, the containment of space.

 Ea (related to Sumerian Enki) was the "Lord of Wisdom" whose words became reality, thus he was master of magic as well. The sense, mythology, and roles of these deities are similar to Saturn and Thoth. Also the source of the constellation Capricornus, my sun sign.

 I felt strong and already connected when I began my Aratron meditation on the second Saturday of this Working. I found myself contemplating Shiva, Kronos, Zurvan, Mahakala. I began lightly reflecting on Shiva and, like with my Bethor meditations, began to envision geometric shapes. First, the pentagram, which, among other things, is a yantra of Shiva. I also received images of lines that framed a pentagram-like shape. The message, again, was about the narrowing of focus and creating boundaries to establish form. 


 Again, I was enveloped in a feeling of great fatherly protection from a very mighty, thoughtful and jealously protective and righteous, large being. A great, potent, protective power. I reflected on the words “He who is the Intelligible Principle in Whom All Things Rest.” I went into silent meditation. I then began to have imagery of pythons, reflecting on how Shiva is garlanded in snakes and a python curls around Zurvan, the ancient Persian godhead personifying  time and timelessness, the master and slayer of time. 

 By the third Saturday of this Working, I was realizing that I was in emotional crisis of a kind I had not experienced in many years. I reasoned that I might be in the core of a catharsis that this work is accelerating—because provocative things are coming up that I have to dissect and address.

 Because I was thinking about the Phalec sigil instead of the Aratron one on this day, I placed both before me. I simply continued to “see” spear and the idea of direction and stabbing the goal. The Aratron element was dark and stark. Impressions about order and boundaries came up. Reflections on understanding that I was in the vortex of a catharsis—a crisis—and perhaps that this Working was related to it.

 On eve of the last Saturday that I worked with Aratron, I slept well but had interesting dreams toward the morning. Of note is that I do not ordinarily have dreams worth remembering. I have not for a few years, but I had a very active dream life for the month of doing this Working. On the night before the last Aratron meditation, I first dreamed of being embraced by a tall, white haired man. He did not look or “feel” like that the tall thin, white-haired man I mentioned in the Ophiel entry, but I am assuming there was a crossover about it in my consciousness. Shortly after that, I had a dream in which I was with a lot of people in something like a sound studio that was painted orange. The center of attention in this room was the musician Jimmy Page, who appeared as he looked when he might’ve been in his 30s. He was chatting with people about music and business. Taking an interest in me, he had me follow him and his entourage as we all departed from the room. I was then outdoors, sitting patiently on a bench, holding a large, round pocket book, while he continued to speak with associates. He wanted to take a walk on a beach with me, and went to an area that was like a small beach, but it wasn’t the one we were to go to. (Indeed, the beach setting and the other beach we were to go to related to dreamscapes from a recurring dream that I haven’t had for very many years.) He waved at me to join him so I walked that way, thinking that the reason why I was unemployed for a year was so that I could be ready for this moment. It all seemed to make sense in the dream.  

 Before joining him, I decided to take care of an errand in an arcade adjacent to the beach. Then the dream changed. I seemed to forget about Jimmy Page. In brief, that next part of the dream was full of somewhat disturbing dream symbolism about birthing and birth trauma.  Nevertheless, I woke feeling unusually contented, calm, safe, and unworried and remained that way all day.

 When I sat to meditate on Aratron, I immediately had the thought “Tetragrammaton.” I was absorbed in an intense dynamic meditative condition known as kriya in certain forms of yoga.  Within that, I had flashes of images of Zurvan and Baphomet. In this state, I felt as if I were breaking out of whatever had been oppressing me these past few weeks. I reflected on the Hermetic alchemical idea that Saturn was the gatekeeper and final and most challenging archon-obstacle to get past toward self-actualization. Lead to gold, turning the black sun into the illuminated one.

 I contemplated the image of Baphomet, an infernal gnostic deity that was kind of created by Eliphas Levi in the 19th century but that Satanists and some post-modern magicians revere. The Knights of Templar were accused of worshipping a strange head called Baphomet, but the Inquisitorial accounts about this are probably spurious. “Baphomet” may have been a corruption of “Mahomet” or refer to Mithracism or Arabic Gnosticism. The word Baptism of Mithra in Greek is baphe methra. The Arabic word abufihamet became Moorish bufihimat and translates as “Father of Wisdom.” Abraxas, appearing on a 13th century Templar seal belonging to the grand master is also conjectured to represent Baphometides: the baptism of wisdom or Bios, Phos, Metis (Light, Life, and Wisdom). 

 The Levi image of Baphomet always gave me the creeps, but I found myself associating it with Kali and other transformational Eastern deities that symbolize the life/death cycle, realities of nature and natural life, and also the challenges and fears about transformation. I then reflected on Tetragrammaton, Shiva, Saturn, Zurvan as the personifications of Time and Space and that which is beyond it. The phrase, “It is the monster of time and space which you cling to for existence and to which you are in bondage” came to me. It has 2 sides: time and timelessness, space and spaciousness. It guards and sustains and also blocks and binds. We are attracted to it because we want to preserve our ego-personality in this structure but this structure binds us to the wheel of desire and misery. If we approach it, we must do so to conquer the limitations but we become something else entirely then. God may actually be the  paradigm that oppresses us and yet it is the way beyond it. But this is what the Hermeticists and Gnostics knew.

 After musing on these convolutions, I simply sat in relatively quiet, spacious meditation.

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