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Arbatel Working Followup

Arbatel Working Followup

 Soror ZSD23

A few weeks have passed since performing a month-long Arbatel Working. Since then, I have secured a job (the job I received an inquiry about while finishing up my notes on Ophiel). This comes after 14 months of unemployment. I am adjusting to my new schedule and the return to a life where the bulk of my time is leased to someone else. The wage-slave blues. But I am doing exactly what I like to do as a medical writer in this new position, and although I am earning more than $17,000 less than what I used to without benefits or job security, I can at least pay my bills and spend money w/o living at a deficit for now. Further, I received an email yesterday suggesting the possibility of getting a job offer from another company I had interviewed with in February and very much wanted to work at.

 In addition, a large majority of my sigil work is coming to fruition. At some point, I will digress on what I suppose I will call my Jupiter working. It seems to still be playing itself out. Yesterday, late afternoon I was doing some “work” in a wooded area near my home. I began to invoke Jupiter/Bethor and repeatedly drew a sigil via automatic writing in a sigil related to Venus/Haggith that I had drawn in the dirt. That evening, members of New Aeon Lodge arrived at my house for our first major group Working. We were working with a servitor that one of the members had created. He had formed the sigil using the name of our group. When he showed us 2 sigil patterns used to make the main sigil, one of the 2 was the sigil I had been tracing in the ground hours earlier. During the group working, everyone received a beatific impression. I received a strong visualization of a white angelic entity and was given the name Iophiel. The connection to the Lodge and to Jupiter was related to me. I have little to no experience in angelology. I “Googled” Iophiel  and the content was strikingly relevant. I also learned that Iophiel is the ruler of Jupiter when Jupiter is in Pisces or Sagitarrius. Jupiter is 34 degrees Pisces at the moment.

Interest in my Arbatel posts was taken up by persons in the Web-based occult community and led to greater readership of my Live Journal page. I must especially thank The Scribbler at http://magianrumination.blogspot.com/  and Frater POS at http://doingmagick.blogspot.com/ for this. 

 I was asked to collaborate with 3 other persons on a project related to decoding and integrating the mysteries of the Arbatel. We have just about completed the first week of the group Working.

 When I first approached the Arbatel--specifically the Isagoge tractate (the other books of the Arbatel may be extant), I did so naively—as a person who had little experience with grimoire or planetary magic. It all seemed to be pious medieval Christian rhetoric within which was couched mystical meandering about the classical planets.  In my work with what I will refer to here as the Arbatel Collaborative Working Group (ACWG)—in the style of medical researchers who collaborate with each other, I quickly realized the near unfathomable depth and complexity of the Arbatel. Of note and with discretion, it seems that the material I received last month, particularly the visualizations of geometric shapes, is very relevant to understanding the diagram described in the text and called the Seal of Secrets. In the contemplation of the Seal in conjunction with encrypted clues about it within the Arbatel, one may find the key to the Mysterium Tremendum.

 I will say that I currently find myself in an amazing undertaking that is sure to leave me and my cohorts quite changed in beliefs, abilities, and associations. As a medical writer/editor with background in neurology and neuropsychiatry and as a person who has exposed herself to and integrated information from many spiritual traditions, I had become rather pragmatic, quasi-atheistic, and mechanistic—jaded perhaps. I reduced all experience to the play of archetypal forms in a provisional reality. Although my panentheistic orientation is reinforced through my current work, I realize that something very mystical and very profound is at play. Objectifiable, non-corporeal intelligences and planes of being may well be “out there.” Moreover, I am again awed and put point-black with the perennial message of wise ones that the puny and ephemeral personal sensate world that we each are elegantly driven to cling to and fill with dramas in the brief time allotted is trivial.

 shariram svarganarakhau bhandamokshau

bhayam tatha kalpanamatram

evai tat kim karyam chidatmanah


The body, heaven, hell, bondage, liberation, and fear a mere illusions.

What then needs to be done by me, being that I am pure consciousness.

 Ashtavakra Gita II:20

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